Test Carrots and how it was?

Małgorzata Wojtysiak
by: Małgorzata Wojtysiak | July 28, 2016

In early April, a Test Carrots meeting took place and although the emotions have already subsided, I like going back to that inspiring weekend meeting with future testers.

What is Test Carrots? It’s a two-day event organised in cooperation with the Geek Girls Carrots community during which the experts introduced the participants to the subject of software testing. Test Carrots was the first event of its kind that received organisational and professional support from Pearson’s Poznan Office. The meeting’s agenda was built around the participants’ eagerness to gain new knowledge and practice in software testing.

During the two weekend days, over fifteen hours of lectures, and a two-hour workshop session, 60 participants learned about software testing and the perks of the tester profession.

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On the first day, the meeting attendees could participate in a series of presentations on software quality and the need for software quality assurance. The presenters also provided some hints on what to pay attention to when starting one’s career in quality assurance: what web pages to visit, what learning materials might prove useful, and so on. They also talked about preparing for a QA job interview and what questions to expect in the recruitment process.

The second day focused on Scrum – its governing rules, and the resulting facilitation of project management. Cooperation in a development team is a challenge to a rookie tester, so one of the presentations was about using good practices that will certainly boost a team’s efficiency. At the end of the second day, the participants took part in a workshop that provided them with an opportunity to check out in practice what quality assurance is about.

Among the presenters were a few colleagues of ours from Pearson’s Poznan office including QA Specialist who shared their knowledge about software testing.


The goal of the event was to encourage to seek an IT career, to build a tester community in Poznań, and to present the IT companies with some potential job candidates. Judging by the opinions we gathered from Test Carrots participants, the presenters, and the end-of-meeting survey, we can sum it up in short words: ‘We did it!’

Małgorzata Wojtysiak

Małgorzata Wojtysiak

A food lover, a retired hitchhiker, a PR&Office Manager at Pearson IOKI by day. She likes people, especially those with passion.
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