Together, we want to shape the education of the future

Pearson IOKI is a team of over a hundred passionate and committed people creating e-learning platforms of a global reach.

About us

Pearson IOKI is a team of around 160 people passionate about and committed to creating e-learning platforms and materials supporting learning English. We are members of the PEARSON Group – an international organisation with over 200 years of experience, which provides us with the opportunity to work on products of global reach and to shape the future of global education!
We’re currently located in Nobel Tower – Advanced Technology Centre in the heart of Poznan. Our Team is comprised of the IT, Content Creation, Efficacy Analytics and Support Departments supported by Administration, Human Resources, and Finance Units.


IT Department

The IT Department has about 100 employees divided into 4 clans:
● The Backend Clan consists of top specialists in software engineering. Our job is to create efficient, scalable, and stable platforms for hundreds of thousands of users. We program our products in PHP (Symfony 2), C#, Python and nodeJS based on MySQL, MSSQL, and MongoDB. We pay particular attention to the processes organising our work, so we’re familiar with Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, code review, and behavioral, integration, and unit tests.
● UX Design is a team of designers of holistic user experience in digital products. Our UX Designers analyse the available data and work on understanding the user context – the needs, expectations, and emotions of the users. After initial user testing, the mockups are given to our Frontend developers who implement them using HTML5 and the Angular framework.
● Quality Assurance Team is split between three projects. We carry out manual and automated testing using Behat for PHP and Specflow for .NET.
● The Scrum Master Clan is currently a team of six. If there is anything pertaining to the self-organisation of a team, we do not take “we can’t” for an answer. Every day, we learn how to make our work more interesting and effective. If you’ve heard of Management 3.0 or the Spotify or Zappos cultures, then you know where we’re headed.

Design Team

Design Team content.

Content Creation

The Content Creation Team delivers top quality learning materials providing quick, advanced and pleasant learning of the quirks of English. Close cooperation with Pearson English teams all around the globe lets us create advanced and engaging products. Thanks to sharing knowledge and experience with the offices in the UK and the US, we can not only digitise the existing products, but also create entirely new content for students and teachers all around the world to work with!

Efficacy and Research

The Efficacy and Research department does research and analytic work on exploring educational data for selected products and verifies their efficacy levels. The team also participates in initiating, organising, and supervising the work on new products.

Digital Product SupportSupport

The Support Department provides complete technical customer service. Thanks to providing the first and second line of support, we have direct contact with the students and teachers. Close cooperation with the US Support department lets us gain new knowledge and experience necessary for excellent service. The users of Pearson products all around the world can always count on our professional assistance and help.

Get to know us better!

Always learning

The Pearson publishing house is one of the leaders of the education market. Its products are available in over 70 countries on all continents (except perhaps for the Antarctica…), but its offer goes far beyond English language learning.

Always Learning is both Pearson’s motto and its ideology reflected in every aspect of its endeavors.

Pearson is more than a corporation. It’s an educational institution whose mission is to spread knowledge and skills in various fields and among different students – regardless of their age and origin.

Previously, the organization published mostly traditional paper coursebooks, but it has recently turned its attention to the digital market. The great range of Pearson’s interactive products – apart from English learning workbooks – consists of, among others, the enVisionMATH and MyMathLab designed for students struggling with math, the online edition of The Financial Times, and e-college – an online platform for remote studying.

Pearson provides vocational training programs developing qualifications in diverse professions: from bankers to bricklayers. Pearson’s philosophy – both a guarantee of quality and the source of its products’ success – is simple: effective learning should be based on the student’s search for solutions, a detailed and constructive evaluation of their progress, immediate feedback, easy access, and practice.

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