Together we shape

the education of future

Pearson in Poznan is a team of about 140 people passionate about and committed to creating e-learning platforms and English learning and teaching materials. We are part of the Pearson Group – an international company with over 200 years of history, which gives us the opportunity to work on global products and truly shape the future of global education!


IT department

  • Backend

    is a team of experts in the field of software engineering whose job is to create efficient, scalable and stable platforms for users all around the world. The team works in Java, Kotlin, PHP (Symfony), Python and nodeJS with MySQL, MSSQL and MongoDB databases.

  • Frontend

    is responsible for creating user interfaces. The members of this team are mainly responsible for Single-Page applications, as well as mobile apps and MEAN stack services. The main tools include Angular 1.X and 2 with TDD as main methodology for code development. SASS and ESG/TS are also used.

  • Quality Assurance

    is a group of specialists working on various projects. They are responsible for manual and automated software testing. Depending on the project, the team uses Behat or Protractor + CucumberJS for automated tests. Mobile app testing is done with Appium and for manual tests, the main tool is HP ALM. Our QA specialists play an important role in creating the software development process and implementing and maintaining CI, e.g. Jenkins.

  • DevOps

    is a group playing key role in creating processes for software lifecycle and developing tools for managing operational needs of software developers. They gradually implement automatisation (e.g. with Chef or Jenkins) on development and production environments embedded in AWS. They work on processes including Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery i Continuous Monitoring etc.

  • Technical Project Manager

    is a team responsible for guiding the developers throughout the projects, maintaining the consistency of goals and supporting the delivery of products which fulfil all needs of our internal and external customers. TPMs promote Agile and Scrum in our company, cooperate with Project Managers and make sure that Scaled Agile Framework is implemented.

  • Content Development

    is a department responsible for creating educational and training materials for English learners which make the learning process quick, effective and pleasant. As a result of daily cooperation with international teams, the team is able to deliver up-to-date and highly appreciated content for users of products all around the world.

  • Advanced Computing & Data Science Lab

    The Advanced Computing & Data Science Lab applies data sciences and computing sciences (including machine learning and AI) to support and advance learning science, develop learning products, and optimize business processes. The Lab has two sub-teams in Poznan: the Exploratory Data Science Team that prototypes solutions to business problems that can be solved with data, and the Product Analytics team that helps product teams understand how their products are being used.

  • Product Operations & Customer Readiness (POCR)

    is a versatile team of experts based in Poznan and Hoboken (USA), who stands by the quality of products and customers satisfaction. The team includes 2-line and 1-line Support Specialists, Defect Coordinators, as well as trainers providing customer on-boarding sessions as a part of Customer Readiness. POCR leads the trainings for local support teams in order to maintain the highest level of services. The team also includes specialists responsible for creating the self-help system for users of our platforms. The key area of ​​POCR activity is the Voice of Customer, which analyses customer feedback, monitoring their level of satisfaction on an ongoing basis. This process allows for an improvement of our products and services which is validated by user experience. The team organize their work within an Agile approach, exploring a variety of methods to manage their work, including Scrum and Kanban. Multidimensional support for users of our platforms is possible thanks to close cooperation with other key departments – IT, Global Product, Content Development, LAB and Assessment.

Our office

Pearson IOKI office is located in Nobel Tower which is a modern building in the centre of Poznan. You can’t miss it – it’s an outstanding part of local architecture. We work on the 7th, 12th and 13th floor, occupying in total 1500 square metres. The beautiful view and lots of creative space are undeniably the biggest assets of our office.

Always learning

This is the motto we keep in mind every day. Professional development and knowledge expansion is our priority:

  • we take part in various trainings and conferences (also as speakers) in Poland and abroad,
  • we share our knowledge in many ways – as postgraduate studies lecturers or mentors providing help to students working on their dissertations; we also provide internal trainings, lectures and tutorials on the newest technologies,
  • we cooperate with universities with linguistic and technological studies,
  • we appreciate volunteering – all employees are eligible for three days of paid leave every year which can be used for various voluntary services,
  • we provide unlimited access to diverse sources of knowledge, such as, and SafariBooks,
  • we improve our knowledge of English by working with people from abroad, but also by attending a course organised in the office,
  • we offer internship programmes for students of computer sciences (Make IT) and English (BeContent) – as part of them we provide trainings and mentorship.

Cooperation with universities

  • Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

    We have signed a cooperation agreement with the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. As part of the cooperation we exchange experiences with the lecturers, but we also support he process of initiating and completing theses and B.A. projects. Some Pearson IOKI employers are also lecturers at post-graduate studies. We co-create a new field of post-graduate studies at Adam Mickiewicz University which is Big Data Processing. The studies are run in cooperation with leading companies and the best specialists in the area of data-processing, including our Data Scientist, Krzysztof Jędrzejewski.

  • Poznań University of Technology

    As a member of the Employee Board at the Faculty of Computing, we actively participate in consultations concerning studies which truly reflect the needs of job market. We give solutions which adapt education to the real requirements of business. Pearson IOKI provides mentoring, as well as internship programmes for students. We are always present at the Job and Internship Fair organised by the Poznań University of Technology.


    Every year foreign students join our summer IT internship programme, as part of collaboration with IAESTE (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience). By sharing our experiences, we gain new ones – on international cooperation.

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