Eco Human-Centered Design

Dominika Janiak
by: Dominika Janiak | October 16, 2015

The Human-Centered Design Course was created with the idea to start and implement some projects which could make the world around us a better place by utilizing the means we always have at our disposal and, most importantly, the creativity of a given project’s creators.

Our participation in the course was first suggested by Michał, our Interaction Designer. He got together some people willing to change things, divided us up into groups and so the ADK Ecology Activists (AniaDominikaKarolina) were born. You can find lots of healthy and tasty stuff marked by the fruit Powerpuff Girls logo.
collage_hcdThe goal of what we do is to promote healthy lifestyle based on colorful healthy fruit loaded with miracle-working vitamins and minerals. That’s why on two Wednesdays a month, what you can find in our six kitchens are fruit and vegetables typical of the seasons of the year and their descriptions with details of their therapeutical properties. We make sure they are always top-quality and healthy.

Historically speaking, there are two landmark dates: May 6, 2015 when we treated everyone to fresh fruit you could find in the kitchens was the first. Then came May 13, 2015 which is when green and herbal tea became permanently available for you only to be soon joined by a healthy alternative to sugar – xylitol. That’s also when we successfully negotiated a healthier and less calorific versions of the dishes available in the canteen.

To add some variety to our actions, we sometimes organize extra events in the company. During the summer heatwave we invited Wytwórnia Lodów Tradycyjnych to one of our kitchens where we were served delicious traditionally crafted ice cream. The event was enormously popular among the team and will surely be remembered for long. When the weather outside had gotten a bit gloomier and it got easier to catch a cold, we equipped the kitchens with natural honey which is just a perfect thing to add to your tea together with lemon, orange and ginger, so we made sure you got those, too. We also got our hands on  some gingerbread cookies. This set of vitamins and other healthy substances will protect you against infections, boost your immune system and prepare you for the coming winter.


Healthy sweets? Of course it’s possible for us! Pairing up with our neighbors, we visited our colleagues from the 5th floor and treated you to jabłkąski – pressed fruit bars with no extra chemicals and other ingredients. They were just delicious. Our activities are not limited to the repeating events. We make sure you can always find herbal tea (mint, lemon balm, and camomile) and green tea, too. We’re encouraging you to get used to healthy drinks which help your bodies work well, soothe your nerves and keep you alert when needed. Adding sugar to your tea is a bad habit, which is why we’ve found a healthier substitute for it. In the kitchens, you can find xylitol which is also known as birch sugar. It’s less calorific and has a number of therapeutic properties. We make sure there is never a shortage of these.

For the months to come, we’re planning new actions encouraging you to try a healthier diet. We want to show you how to use natural ingredients as substitutes to fattening and unhealthy sweets. All our plans partially come from the employee surveys which reviewed our actions and offered comments and further suggestions. We’ve analyzed the feedback and we’ve created a plan for the coming months and beyond. Afterall, a healthy mind in a healthy body 😉

Dominika Janiak

Dominika Janiak

Professional teacher, who works in an administration department. Pedagogical skills used in everyday work with IT specialists. She loves theater and spends many hours viewing plays and writing about them. She is unable to sit too long in one place so she travells whenever she can. She also explores the local areas. In order to acquire further qualifications she decided to develop her skills as a coach and she is soon starting studies in this speciality.
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