First steps in Pearson IOKI

Maciej Flis
by: Maciej Flis | March 24, 2016

I think I’m the employee with the least experience in the company to ever write a post on this blog. I’m assuming the perspective of someone who’s not been part of the company until recently might be valuable to anyone thinking about joining Pearson IOKI.

I started my adventure in Pearson IOKI in January as a Scrum Master. Thanks to the long New Year’s weekend, I got a few extra days off as a gift from the calendar. On the first day, I arrived at 9 a.m. I was greeted by Karolina, our HR Specialist. She was surely prepared better than I was, as I was merely ready to do something and she was already doing things. She handed me the “welcoming package,” provided me with all the necessary details, and took me to my future workplace. I was also given my own personal ID, so the “Visitor” card was gone for ever.

Pearson IOKI is no small team with almost 170 people, so showing me around the company was surely a good thing to do. Karolina introduced me to the rest of the company, soI had the chance to meet the veterans and learn a thing or two about the ongoing projects.

For the first two weeks, a new employee has a buddy assigned to them. What a great idea. The buddy is someone who introduces you to all the ins and outs of the company, your work station, and basically helps you learn the ropes. My buddy turned out to be Adrian, also a Scrum Master. Truth be told, though, anyone I met at Pearson IOKI was eager to help with anything, from some project- or company-specific issues to finding a good place for lunch. It really puts the employees of the company in a good light.

Every new employee is in for a number of trainings. There aren’t that many of them, so don’t panic. The topics vary, but all the trainers are great. I also think it’s a great thing I could meet Janek, the Managing Director, and Cezary, the IT Director. You can meet them and have a chat any day, really, and have a coffee in the kitchen. This breaks the barriers within the company and creates opportunities for sharing knowledge and suggestions.

I also had the opportunity to go to the heart of Pearson – London and Harlow, which is where the development centre of Pearson English is located. For a week, I worked on a new project with colleagues from around the world.

Now a few words of summary. I was assigned to a new project and a new team that was just being established. It’s a true challenge for a Scrum Master, as you have just a few weeks to get to know not only your own place in the company, but also the newly-created team, and the processes it’s going to use. Despite the challenges, I view my development so far in a positive light. Was it easy? Not always. Is it now and will it be easier in the future? Every single day, probably. I guess it’s true of every one of us – we want to settle new goals and complete new challenges. You can be sure you won’t lack these in Pearson IOKI.


Maciej Flis

Maciej Flis

An experienced IT manager. Scrum Master in the Use Resource Luke team. The motto “Always an uphill struggle” is a reflection of his passion for mountain trekking. A great fan of speedway, railway, and other people’s positive energy.
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