How to make a specialist an ultraspecialist?

Radosław Ptak
by: Radosław Ptak | October 16, 2015

New Student Experience Poznań team consists of several people, who jointly create solutions for NSE platform and manage complicated projects according to Agile Manifesto. Team which is working on an Offline Solution consists of 6 people of the NSE Poznan team, who are responsible for solutions for teachers and students which ensure that the NSE platform always works smoothly, reacting to the Internet connection incidents in Wall Stree English language centers.

Mental Chillout, because this is how we called, is a self-organized and well-prepared team, but you already know that. Having so many talented team members is like a blessing. Each one is a specialist in its own field and has also accurate knowledge and understanding of other fields and processes in Compose and IT in general.

But how can we make this even better?

Knowledge sharing is the key word. Here, at Mental Chillout we organize bi-weekly trainings for all team members. We gather every second Friday of the month for up to two hours of training leaded by one of us. The subject obviously revolve around news in the IT world and apply to the needs of the team. You want some examples? For instance: JSFiddle, fiddler4, QA at Google, Agile trainings and many, many more.

But that’s not all folks.

Mental Chillout (as other teams here at Poznań Office) provides trainings for other teams. Just a few examples: Marcin ‘Szyszka’ Szyszyński (Flash/Front-end Developer) is organizing workshops with the Content Creation team to collect ideas and implement UX solutions to Compose UI. Natalia Sikora (Product Owner) is taking part in Agile Working Group (an initiative of Pearson English Content Teams).

‘Mutation Testing’ training by Adam


‘Injection & Stuff” training by Reza


JS Fiddle training by Reza


Training by Ola


As part of Agile trainings: how to ‘retro’



You may ask if there is anything more we can do. Of course we can make sure that every chunk of our well-developed code is tested from side to side. And we are giving our best to do so. To be sure that we stay up-to-date – every week we join the meetings of Testers Community where we exchange knowledge on testing techniques and experiences of different teams. And to make sure we don’t forget about anything, we changed our workspace to an informative workspace, gathering all of important stuff in sight.


And that would be it for now. What are your ideas for knowledge sharing? Or maybe you have a completely different way to stay on track? I’m sure you have your own ways and  we’d love to get to know your ideas so feel free to comment and leave us feedback!

Cheers from Poznań!

Radosław Ptak

Radosław Ptak

QA Specialist in Mental Chillout team. Involved in Compose and WSE/NSE projects. In Pearson since July of 2014. Favourite quote: 'Lubię placki.'
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