Let’s meet at the job fair!

Małgorzata Wojtysiak
by: Małgorzata Wojtysiak | October 27, 2016

Autumn is the season of our increased participation in externally-organised events. The fair offer targeted at the IT market grows year to year, and we are more than eager to participate in such initiatives.

A job fair is a great opportunity to present our company and the profile and scope of its activity to a wider audience. It’s also a time to meet anyone interested in self-development within the Pearson IOKI team. Going beyond posting our job offers on the company website and social media profiles, we are happy to talk to potential candidates and directly show them the projects we work on daily, discuss our organisational culture, the benefits package and the atmosphere of our office in Poznan. Of course, we also inform them about the current recruitment processes. A comprehensive set of first-hand news is always guaranteed 🙂

The HR&PR department’s representatives are joined at the job fairs by the experts from the IT and Content Creation departments who carry our more detailed interviews to lead the potential candidates through questions and answers concerning the technical aspects of specific job posts.


We regularly present our company at job fairs for the students and graduates of English and Computer Science departments organised by the universities in Poznan. For a few years now, we have been working in partnership with Adam Mickiewicz University and Poznan University of Technology. The partnership gives us the opportunity to actively participate in most of the initiatives launched by the universities and easily access those particularly interested in working in the IT business, but we’re not limited to it.

We are not afraid to participate in some less formal events. During our meetings, with music in the background, we can relax in bean bags and openly talk to meeting participants, sharing our experience with them between a slice of pizza and another lecture.


The meetings never end. We will keep coming to more meetings of the kind. Follow us on Facebook. This is where all the information on where to meet us goes first.

See you 🙂

Małgorzata Wojtysiak

Małgorzata Wojtysiak

A food lover, a retired hitchhiker, a PR&Office Manager at Pearson IOKI by day. She likes people, especially those with passion.
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